Newest single "Darkness Inside" 

Released May 15, 2020


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Long lost worlds being sought... Formulating truth... With their masterminds... Battling forces unseen... With All of their fantasies hidden in the lies...Lies ” - AtaxicCrux

From the Song "Forgotten Door"

In order to light your fire you must strike a match... Don't be afraid to sharpen that axe... Don't be afraid to sharpen that axe... Seventeen times I fell in that hole... Seventeen times I wanted to go... Down and down and down we go...” - AtaxicCrux

From the Song "Darkness Inside"

I’m haunted by my thoughts, In the night, Like a drug, Overwhelming burden, Consequence aversion, Explicit perversion..... ”

AtaxicCrux - Lyrics to "Haunted" - "Fractured" EP ©

Burn me to pieces, Ashes to dust, Kerosene nightmares, No more will I trust, Kerosene nightmares, I’ll walk through the fire, Kerosene dreams, I will not die, I will not die...”

AtaxicCrux - Lyrics to "Kerosne" - "Fractured" EP ©

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