New albulm "The Spiral Staircase"

 Releases August 18, 2020

No sense giving in anyway, I have no time to play, Demons on every side, This is not the time to hide... ” - AtaxicCrux

Not Given

Despondent girl, Despondent girl, She thinks she's ugly, She thinks she's bad, She thinks that the world is, oh, so sad, Girl, Despondent girl, Despondent Girl... ” - AtaxicCrux

Despondent Girl

In order to light your fire you must strike a match... Don't be afraid to sharpen that axe... Don't be afraid to sharpen that axe... Seventeen times I fell in that hole... Seventeen times I wanted to go... Down and down and down we go...” - AtaxicCrux

From the Song "Darkness Inside"