You covered my eyes with lies You blinded my heart with love You made me think you really cared But I was not prepared I was not prepared” - AtaxicCrux

— AtaxicCrux

No sense giving in anyway, I have no time to play, Demons on every side, This is not the time to hide... ” - AtaxicCrux

Not Given

Not given
Despondent girl, Despondent girl, She thinks she's ugly, She thinks she's bad, She thinks that the world is, oh, so sad, Girl, Despondent girl, Despondent Girl... ” - AtaxicCrux

Despondent Girl

In order to light your fire you must strike a match... Don't be afraid to sharpen that axe... Don't be afraid to sharpen that axe... Seventeen times I fell in that hole... Seventeen times I wanted to go... Down and down and down we go...” - AtaxicCrux

From the Song "Darkness Inside"